Neo Pizzeria
refurb + rustic + real modern = really good pizza.
by Kerrie Sparks //
Neo Pizzeria is brave. They've got guts, chutzpah, big cannolis. (Actually, cannolis
aren't on the menu, but I'm building something here, just go with it.) The sister
cucina to Olivella's debuted last  month in Victory Park no easy feat as most
would assume tumbleweeds have been blowing south of the American Airlines
Center and the W Hotel for the past two years.
However, something is stirring, there is a scent in the air. Maybe it's Neo's patio
planters, overgrown with basil and rosemary, whose aromatics are bringing
people back to the area? Any way you slice it, literally, people are descending
upon the quaint, yet modern eatery. And for good reason. The food is tasty,
sometimes rustic, and the interior space itself is a proverbial feast for the
discerning design eye.

So, pizza, in Victory Park, we had to meet owner Charlie Green, and ask how
the concept of Neo Pizzeria come about? Neo means both “Neopolitan” and
“new.” New because we make a modified Neopolitan pie, essentially what
the first generation Italian Americans like Lombardi and Tottono did to Italian
pizza when they immigrated to New York City.
They Americanized the DOC Neopolitan pizza. That’s what we’ve done at
Olivella’s and Neo, but with Neo it’s like we’ve gotten out from under momma’s
wings, added some new  pies and broadened our menu into rustic pastas and
a trove of deli sandwiches. We are all about natural, organic, casual, and
neighborhood. We were started by one of the oldest pizza families in Naples,
Italy. Our tomatoes are from Italy, and we use an 80 yearold lasagna recipe
from Calabria. Customers should feel like they would in a neighborhood
place in Europe-we loathe pretension.
Neo Pizza
2340 Victory Park Lane Dallas, TX 75219 - 214.522.9898
Open Mon-Wed,Sun 11am-10pm;
Thu 11am-11pm; Fri-Sat 11am-11:30pm
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